Drill Basics

Each drill may include a keyboard, a string instrument, a staff, and may have some combination of test buttons. The portion of the instrument or staff shown changes with almost every drill.



The Hint button displays the material that will be included in the drill before it begins.


Click on the staff, the instrument, the Hint button, or any test buttons (see next example) before the drill begins. You will see and hear the material that will be included in the drill.



Through experimentation you will learn about the material included in the drill.


Press F1 or select a help topic from the menu to open this Help file where there is more information about intervals, chords, and other topics of music theory (Table of Contents - Music Theory).


After experimenting with the material, press "Go" to start the drill. If you do not know an answer during a drill, press "Hint" (or "Reveal" as the case may be).


When you complete the drills, your score will appear. Fewer than 3 mistakes are required to advance to the next level.



Score percentage, average response time in seconds, and any mistakes made are listed.


Press Continue to advance or begin the next drill.


If the material becomes too difficult, do one of the following:


  1. Adjust the tempo.


  2. Change to Practice Mode by pressing the Test Goal button. Then review previous levels.



  3. Change to Custom Mode and select the items where mistakes occur.



  4. Open the Music Theory section of the help file and look up the material in the table of contents or index, Menu item: Help-Music Theory Help.


If the drill is too easy, adjust the tempo to make it go faster or skip ahead to another objective. You can also choose a more advanced course. Use the Main Menu to advance.




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