Keyboard Objectives


This group includes objectives that display a keyboard and selection buttons or a keyboard and staff. The range of keys shown on the keyboard is the range for the drill. When the number of white keys is small, the staff will show a larger range.


Press the Hint button before the drill begins to see notes included in drill.


Use the up arrow to zoom in and show only the portion of the keyboard included in the drill.



Use the down arrow to zoom out and see where on the keyboard the drill range is.




Except for Keyboard Solfeggio a system of naming scale degrees with singable syllables, do re mi fa so la ti do, there are three related objectives for each activity: for example, Scales by Eye and Ear, Scales by Ear, and Scales by Eye. The sequence of levels for the by ear objectives is different from by eye and ear and by eye. see also: Ear Training


If using a midi keyboard to give answers, do not look at the keys. Instead feel your way around using the black keys as a guide. This method will help improve the mental image of the keyboard and lead to better sight-reading skills.


Keyboard Note Names

Keyboard Staff Reading

Keyboard Scales

Keyboard Name Intervals

Keyboard Play Intervals

Keyboard Chords

Keyboard Melody

Keyboard Solfeggio