MIDI and Sound - Ctrl+F10

Main Menu - Control Panel - Midi and Sound  opens the dialog below. The MIDI devices that are installed and available on your computer will be listed. Midi output may be sent to a hardware sound card, an internal software synth (such as Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth), or to an external keyboard or other midi device. You must select and highlight an output device from the right hand list.




Because only devices that are installed and working on your computer are listed, you may not see anything listed in the left-hand input device list. Midi input is only available when you have an external keyboard or other midi device connected to your computer and the correct software drivers installed.


MusicGoals is set originally to receive midi input on channel 1 and send midi output on channel 1. These channels will work for most users. You may choose other input and output channels by entering them. Each student file may contain its own configuration of midi devices. The last settings selected become the default settings for the next new student.


When you Enable Midi Thru, notes played on your selected external midi input device are sent on to the selected midi output device.


In addition to Midi sounds, MusicGoals uses recorded sounds. These are used to indicate progress at the end of each drill. You may choose to turn these sounds off by clearing the check box at the bottom.


see also Sound and Midi  View the MIDI and Sound Setup walk-through demo.