MusicGoals Rhythm

MusicGoals Rhythm is the companion program for MusicGoals Eye and Ear.






MusicGoals Rhythm displays performance accuracy and provides tools to improve rhythm skills. It teaches basics of rhythm and improves timing, coordination, and memorization skills.


It will teach you to:


MusicGoals Rhythm provides a complete training system for rhythm from beginner to advanced. It keeps a record of progress and generates an ever changing yet highly structured sequence of drills.  


Each step level presents a challenging set of rhythm patterns through a sequence of four activities:





In the example above, the rhythm is given in standard notation. It sounds along with a metronome or drum beat during the drill. Play the rhythm on the spacebar or a MIDI keyboard. After the drill, two bars below each note show the correct answer and your actual performance.


Accuracy is also shown in graphic and numerical form.



The needle shows the average timing of the performance. It is to the right of the center line, thus, the average timing was just a little late. The drill image also shows that the duration of the half note was too short. These images make clear just how well the rhythm was played. When you can see how you play, you can adjust and improve.


The activities are ideal for individual or classroom use. Difficult rhythms can be saved for further study. MusicGoals Rhythm 2 makes it easy to select the course, step level, or time signature and level to match your needs.


One thing is for sure, you will notice the difference right away. MusicGoals Rhythm 2 makes it easy and fun to improve performance skill.


By following this sequence of activities, Play Along, Repeat After, Reading, and Dictation, elements of rhythm are mastered quickly and completely. This is because each step is limited to a small set of patterns that can be drilled until completely mastered.


New Features - MusicGoals Rhythm Version 2



MusicGoals Rhythm Version 2 includes many improvements as a direct result of user requests and comments. We are indebted to our users who have told us what they like and don’t and request what they want.

With MusicGoals you can:



Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista with sound. It can be used with or without an external MIDI keyboard.


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