MusicGoals Terms

The following definitions show how these terms are used in MusicGoals.




A course is a pre-planned curriculum that combines related activities and drill levels to form a logical sequence. MusicGoals includes courses for piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass. You may switch between courses and course levels freely. MusicGoals will keep track of what you have done.




A drill is a single exercise consisting of a number of MusicGoals prompts and student answers. After each answer, MusicGoals automatically presents the next prompt in the drill. At the end of the drill, MusicGoals displays the score, average response time, and a list of mistakes. The Score Continue Dialog also includes buttons to stop or continue on to the next drill.




An objective is one type of activity within MusicGoals. It is a graduated and sequenced group of drills that pertain to one element of music study. For example, the Keyboard Staff Reading by Eye and Ear is one objective. When all of the drill levels are mastered, the objective is mastered. See also: Keyboard Objectives, Staff Objectives, and String Objectives for information about each objective.




A routine controls the cycle of activities as one advances. There are eight routines: 1) Keyboard Courses, 2) Keyboard Ear Training, 3) Keyboard Staff Reading, 4) String Instrument Courses, 5) String Ear Training, 6) String Staff Reading, 7) Set Goals from List, 8) Practice Routine. Main Menu - Next Goal cycles through the objectives included in the selected routine.


With the Set Goals from List routine, you create your own routine by selecting objectives and setting goal levels to reach.


The Practice routine lets you mix and match practice and custom drills. This routine does not advance until you press Next Goal, F6.


You can freely move between Routines without affecting your progress or custom settings.


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