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Routines offer a means to structure the study of music over a variety of related activities. You may choose a routine that focuses on ear training or another that focuses on sight-reading. You may choose a comprehensive instrument course routine or create your own routine and set your own goals.


Instrument Courses

The easiest way to get started with MusicGoals is to follow an instrument course routine. Simply select an instrument course, choose a starting course level, and press Main Menu - Next Goal. MusicGoals will advance as progress is made through a variety of activities. The instrument courses provide a balance of related objectives and levels.

Instrument Ear Training Courses

The ear training courses consist of ear training objectives only. The required objectives for each level are a subset of the corresponding instrument course number. You may freely switch between the instrument, ear training, and staff reading courses. If an objective is required by more than one course type, it need only be mastered once.

Instrument Staff Reading Courses

These courses consist of staff reading objectives applied to the instrument.

Set Goals from List

When you use the Set Goals from List routine, your Current Goals become those selected on the Set Goals from List page. You select the objectives and set your own goals.

Practice Routine

Use the Practice Routine to create a routine with practice and custom drills. Practice Routine may not advance to another objective unless you press Next Goal or F6. Use the Set Goals from List page to check off the objectives to include. Then use the Settings Menu from within each objective see MusicGoals Terms to create custom drills or choose a practice drill level.


You may freely switch between routines. The progress that you have made in one routine will apply to requirements of another as long as progress is made in goal mode.



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