Simplify Melody by Ear

If the “Instrument Melody by Ear” drills become too difficult, here is a method that may help. You can change the way “Replay” works so that you can work through a long melody one note at a time.


1) Click “Main Menu - Pick a Drill.” Select “Keyboard Melody”, Goal mode, and by Ear. Click OK.


2) Click “Practice Settings - Melody”. Select “After a mistake user must play just the missed notes.” Click OK. This will put you into “Custom” mode.








3) Click the “Custom” button. This will put you back into “Goal” mode with the above option selected.


Replay the example as many times as needed. The whole melody will be played back each time. However, now only the notes yet to be answered need to be entered. This way you only need to find one note at a time.


This is one option that you are allowed to change for goal mode. Most other options are completely controlled in goal mode by the requirements of the drill level.