Sound and MIDI

MusicGoals by Eye and Ear uses two different sound sources to play the sounds that you hear. They are wave file sound and MIDI Musical Instrument Device Interface - A system that allows electronic musical devices to communicate. Numbers describing pitch, volume, on or off, etc. can be sent between devices. sound.


Wave file sounds are recorded sounds that are played back just like you would play a CD or MP3 of your favorite artist. The sounds produced are those previously recorded in the wave file.


Midi sound involves messages sent to your external midi keyboard or to the sound card on your computer. A MIDI message could be, play middle C (note-on 60) at a volume of 85 (0 -127). The sound that you hear depends on the type of midi keyboard or the type of sound card that you have. When you play a note on your midi keyboard it sends a message to MusicGoals that says, for example, middle C at a volume of 92 has been played.


MusicGoals uses wave sounds for the reward sounds that you hear when a drill, step, or course has been completed.


Midi sounds are used for the notes, scales, intervals, and chords that you hear with the drills.


If you do not have an external midi keyboard you can use your computer keyboard and/or the mouse to give answers to drills.


see also: Midi and Sound Setup, Control Panel, Adjusting Volume