Staff Name Intervals

An interval describes the distance between two notes. Each interval size produces it own characteristic sound. The goal is to be able to name intervals on the staff. This requires knowledge of notes on the staff, clefs, scales, and key signatures. The by Ear drills require memorization of each interval sound.


Intervals are named by a number and a qualifier: Major, minor, Perfect, Diminished, or Augmented. For example, M3 stands for Major third, m3 stands for minor third. To name an interval, count the number of lines and spaces or count the letter names to get the interval number. Then count the number of half steps to get the qualifier.


Before the activity begins, use the buttons to reveal intervals. Click on the staff to set the lower note of the interval 1) the distance between two pitches 2) two notes combine to form an interval or to stop the sound of an interval already playing.


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