Staff Roman Numeral Chords

The goal is to be able to identify chords and chord A group of three or more tones. Standard triads have a root, third, and fifth. Seventh chords have a root, third, fifth, and seventh above the root. inversions on the staff and by ear and to identify their place in a key with figured bass and roman numerals number symbols that use letters of the alphabet, I II III IV V VI VII for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.


The chord inversions are given in figured bass. The position of a chord in the key is given by the Roman numeral. For example, in the key of G Major, a C Major chord in second inversion would be shown on the button as “IV 64”. “IV” identifies the chord root C, as the fourth degree of G Major. “64” is the figured bass for second inversion.


Before the activity begins, use the buttons to reveal chords. To stop the sound, click on the staff screen.


see also: Roman Numerals, Figured Bass