Current Goals  

Main Menu or F2

If using the Course Routine or the Expanded Courses routine you will see a list similar to the one below.

This page shows the student's name and date and a list of objectives required to finish the current course. It also shows the number of drills completed and the number required. When the required step is completed, the objective is removed from the list. Only objectives yet to be completed are shown.

Use this list to see what is next in your routine. When you click Main Menu - Next Goal or press F6, you cycle through this routine. When you complete a required step, the objective is removed from the list and MusicGoals advances to the next objective. You may advance at any time without completing the objective by pressing Next Goal or F6. However, the objective remains on the list and eventually you will cycle back to it.

When all the objectives on this page are completed, the course is mastered and you advance to the next course.

see also Pick Routine