Main Menu - F8

Click "Main Menu" on the top of the screen or press F8 to activate the Main Menu. It will allow you to access any part of the program and perform file commands such as print, save, and exit. You can see your scores and progress, and access the control panel to change sound and instrument options.


 The Next Goal button (F6) will begin the cycle of activities or advance to the next objective in your routine. You may use this button to skip ahead. You will eventually cycle back to the skipped activities with drill levels not completed.


 The Go Back button (F5) will cycle back through the last objectives worked on. Unlike Next Goal which only advances to objectives included in your routine, the go back button will return to whatever activities were worked on last.


 Pick Activity (F7) opens a dialog box that allows you to choose a drill.


 The Current Goals button (F2) will display the Current Goals page. With the rhythm courses or the expanded courses routine, you will see a list of objectives needed to complete the current course.


 The Scores page (F3) displays information about the objectives worked on and the results for each drill.


 The Progress page (F4) displays a graph showing all progress made in Goal mode.


 The Control Panel (Ctrl + F8) has program settings for sound, tempo, file directory, timing calibration, and other program wide settings.


 The File button (Shift + F8) opens another dialog box where you can open or save files, print scores and progress, or exit MusicGoals.


 Pick Routine (Shift + F7) lets you choose a pre-planned rhythm course or set up your own routine.


 (Esc) Closes the Main Menu dialog and returns without changes.