Play Along

In this activity you listen to, read and play along with each example.

The brackets on the left show that this example has one part. There are 4 measures of music written in two systems with 2 measures per system.

When you press Go, beat bars appear above the current note as the example plays. Extra bars appear in time before the example begins to give a lead in pulse.

As you play, short green dots appear to show where in time you are playing.

The brackets above each note value show note length in time. The colored bars below each note indicate the duration of the note values in the example.

After the drill has ended, another set of bars appear below the notes to show how well you played.  

Details of how well you performed appear in the Score Continue Box. The Scores page adds these results to those of other drills completed. Drills completed successfully are also recorded on the Progress page and saved with the student file.