Rhythm Tool

You can open the Rhythm Tool from any activity to edit the current drill or create a new rhythm.

The upper portion shows the rhythm in one or two parts. As you add or subtract measures, the format will adjust to make best use of the space available.

The white rhythmic values and patterns near the bottom are actually buttons. By clicking one, you add it to the rhythm above. To add a tie, press the Tie button between the values that will be tied together.

Click the or button to toggle between parts. With one part drills the part button shown above does not appear.

The rhythmic values and patterns that are included are determined by the step level or by custom settings. If you open the Rhythm Tool from Goal or Practice mode the values will be those of the current step. When you open the Rhythm Tool from Custom mode, the rhythms included will be those selected with Custom Settings. To add additional values and patterns, click Select Rhythms at the top.

For quick two part entry, hold down the right mouse button while clicking the left button on a value. This will enter it into the opposite part. Use this method of holding down the right mouse button while clicking the left with the Clear All and Clear Last buttons. The opposite part will be affected.

When you are finished click DONE. You may then use the example as a custom drill.

Save Rhythm

Use File - Save Rhythm to preserve a rhythm for later recall.

Open Rhythm

To recall a previously saved rhythm use File - Open Rhythm.

see also Note Values and Time Signatures