Score Report

How did you do?

After each drill the score and mistake details are displayed.  

The needles indicate early and late notes. Timing accuracy is shown for correct notes only. Notes that count as mistakes are disregarded.  When you see only one needle, it means that you are playing with a very steady beat.

The closer the needle is to the center line, the closer you are to the computer. Use Main Menu - Control Panel - Calibrate Timing to adjust for the normal delay of your sound system.

With two part drills, another line appears with another set of needles.

In the example above there are 7 early notes in the bottom part. On average they are 4.6% of a quarter note early. A note an eighth note off would have a score of 50%, a sixteenth note 25%. From this you can see that the timing above is within a sixty-fourth note.

Remember to look at the bars below the notes.

If you miss a note it counts as 1 mistake. However, if you miss a note and play it in a place where one does not exist, it counts as two mistakes. If a note is not held long enough, it may be counted as a duration mistake.

The Required Accuracy changes with the step level. However, it is possible to adjust the required timing and duration accuracy in Practice and Custom mode, see Custom Settings.

After viewing the score report, you have a choice of how to proceed. The Begin button works just like the GO button on the main screen. It starts the next drill. The Stop and Continue buttons allow you to pause between drills.

When mistakes are made In the Play Along and Reading drills, if either Continue or Begin is pressed, only the measures with mistakes will appear in the next drill. Then, when these measures are played correctly, the original full length drill will return. This gives more practice to the more difficult rhythms. Use the Stop button after mistakes to repeat the entire original drill.