Score Page

This page contains scores for completed drills. It provides a detailed list showing the activity, objective, time signature, step, drill completed, score, tempo, number early and number late. Use these scores to see which drills need more work. Then use GOTO - Pick Activity and Practice Mode to repeat drills or generate more drills at this level.  

Accuracy is also shown by the number of early and late notes followed by the average of how early and how late notes were played. These numbers show how far ahead or behind the beat you were playing. Lower numbers indicate better accuracy. The percentage early or late is the percentage of one quarter note. For example, 25% would equal a sixteenth note. So if your score shows: 3 early 10%, 5 late 25%, you played on average 5 notes a 16th note late and 3 notes less than a 32nd note early.

You may print this information with: GOTO - File - Print Scores.

see also Erase Scores