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Instrument Study

The goal of great musicianship is to be able to create the sounds on an instrument that one imagines. The challenge for the student is to get to know the instrument and the sounds it is capable of producing. A student may start with a simple song or piece to memorize. With progress, scales, chords, and other elements of music theory are learned. Knowing these elements makes performance easier because their sounds are connected with the instrument. MusicGoals provides a practice partner that speeds up learning the sounds and connecting them with music theory and the instrument.

With MusicGoals Eye and Ear, interactive instruments on the computer screen produce sounds, show them on the instrument, and show them in musical notation. Exercises drill hearing a sound and learning where it is on the instrument and on the music staff. For example, it is one thing to understand a type of scale and play it on the instrument. It is another thing to recognize the scale type by ear, and yet another thing to read it on the staff and imagine the sound. This is where the MusicGoals music theory software can really make a difference and speed up the learning process.

The MusicGoals instruments and the music staff resize to show either the full instrument or only the portion needed for current set of material. This helps the student master details while not being overwhelmed by complexity. This follows the MusicGoals method of separating music elements, finding weak areas, drilling and mastering the details.

In addition to piano keyboard, all types of string instruments can be studied. Course work is included for guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass. Other string instruments and custom tunings can be studied by setting up custom drills. The fingerboard displays positions and changes size to match the material.

Notes shown on guitar fretboard and staff.

Before the drill begins, beginners practice and learn notes from colors or shapes and hearing the pitches.

MusicGoals Piano Instrument showing C tetrachord

Only the elements for study appear.

Pentachords on staff and keyboard in shapenotes.

Here is a chord drill in the key of Bb on the bass staff.

cm7b5 on the bass clef in key of Bb.