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Rhythm Training Software

MusicGoals Rhythm offers drills to read rhythms, develop timing and coordination, and learn to write the rhythms that you hear. Better than a metronome, you see your mistakes and learn what to improve.

  • Work at your pace from basic to advanced.
  • Weaknesses become strenghths - progress reports show.
  • Learn to read rhythm at sight.
  • Sharpen timing while keeping a steady beat.
  • Improve memorization and learn to write what you hear.
  • Runs on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Each level of difficulty and time signature is presented through a sequence of four activities:

  1. Play Along - Listen and play a rhythm in notation.
  2. Repeat After - Listen and repeat with beat.
  3. Reading - Play from notation. Accuracy is displayed.
  4. Dictation - Select note values to write what you hear.

One and two part drills are included at all levels to ensure mastery. These activities combine to build rhythm reading, writing, and performance accuracy.

Play Along - listen and read a two part example.

1) Play Along (two parts - top right hand, bottom left hand)

Repeat After - listen and repeat.

2) Repeat After (play back what you hear)

Buy MusicGoals Rhythm now and master the most critical skill every musician needs. See exactly how your timing matches the beat. Learn to read and perform at sight. Learn to create rhythms and to write down what you hear and play. Buy MusicGoals Rhythm to have your own personal practice partner that will guide you every step of the way.

Buy MusicGoals Rhythm Now $49.95

Reading - read notation and play.

3) Reading (one part - two lines)

Dictation - listen and select note values.

4) Dictation (click note values to write rhythm that you hear)

Buy MusicGoals Rhythm now and start improving today. Work through the easy to master steps, or enter your own rhythm for practice, or generate one and two part rhythms at any level of difficulty. Buy MusicGoals to get on the path to outstanding musicianship starting today.

Buy MusicGoals Rhythm Now $49.95

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