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MusicGoals Overview

MusicGoals offers two programs that present elements of music theory for study and drill specific musicianship skills. They act as a practice partner that will test a skill, find weakness, and focus effort where it is needed.

MusicGoals Eye and Ear

With MusicGoals Eye and Ear, learn to read music notation, learn scales, intervals, chords and other elements of music theory on keyboard and guitar. Develop ear training, music reading, and instrument skill. MusicGoals Eye and Ear removes rhythm and focuses on pitch related skills.

There are courses for piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass. There are routines that focus on music reading, ear training, comprehensive, or self directed study. Material is presented over related activities so everything is drilled on the instrument, in music notation, and by ear.

MusicGoals Rhythm

We hear and learn music with pitch and rhythm combined. By removing pitch, we can study and master rhythm more efficiently. MusicGoals Rhythm puts the focus on rhythm without other cues that may come from pitch. Students learn to hear and feel the subdivisions of rhythm. MusicGoals Rhythm uses both one and two part rhythms to insure mastery.

Use MusicGoals Rhythm to:

  • learn rhythmic notation,
  • gain precise timing,
  • gain coordination,
  • write rhythms you hear.

Both programs record progress and scores for any number of students. Courses can be started at any level. Custom drills can be set up to meet specific needs. Together the MusicGoals programs build music performance skill while developing a firm understanding of notation and music theory. Skills are quickly mastered in small steps. Areas of weakness are revealed and efficiently mastered.

With MusicGoals you:

  • work at your own pace,
  • see progress and scores,
  • review mistakes,
  • adjust to keep it challenging,
  • get results fast with focus,
  • reach musicianship goals.