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MusicGoals Testimonials

5 Whole Note Rating - Top Rating on The Piano Education Page:

"This is a program, obviously designed by thorough-going professionals, which does all it promises and does it well. ... Everything on screen is explained as you go; it is easy to follow and presented in large, uncluttered graphics that are especially suitable for young children. ... We recommend it highly." - reprinted from The Piano Education Page, Ó Copyright 1995-2001 John M. Zeigler and Nancy L. Ostromencki. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

"Your program is truely the first I found worth to buy! It just simply works, and I allready feel the difference the way I play music. And interestingly the way I improvise. It is amazing that with the help of your program, while truely getting the basics in my ears and my mind, I found that I am more creative on my instruments. I tend to try out more things, and it is amazing what can come out of my tries! :)) Your program is a real working teacher for me. Very thourough, logical and still easy." - Andras [Hungary]


"What I like in MusicGoals is that unlike other ear-learning programs, I am provided with a precise program to achieve my goals." - Yossi P. [Israel]

"Love the way your program is graduated." - Roy E. [Violin teacher, California]

"I LOVE MusicGoals...for my more advanced students it's just what the Dr. ordered...thanks for your efforts in supplying a great product." - Lori A. [Piano teacher, Utah]

"Thank you for developing my ear and training me to be able to hear different pitches. Because of that, I have been able to play in our top band. Since I play French horn, you need to have a good ear to be able to be on the right partial (otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of dying animals or something). I will be one out of 7 Sophomores next year in the Symphonic band. I really appreciate what you have done for me. I wouldn't have made it into our top band if you hadn't trained my ear. Thanks!" Elise [Minnesota]

"I wanted your MusicGoals software for a specific purpose - teaching myself to sight read all the ledger lines in piano music, and it is VERY MUCH suited for that task, and the drills are helping me more than any other technique I've tried for learning ledger lines. The program has the perfect blend of configurability and simplicity. - Thanks again, Wade C." [Texas]

"This is the best software for working on fundamentals that I have used. I am a software engineer and I am very impressed. I am learning piano and this program serves me beyond any expectations I had. I can only say excellent work, I wish all software was this valuable." Michael [California]

"Things are going pretty good and music has given me a second lease on life. Last Saturday I sang two songs from the Old Country at a Heritage Festival in Calgary and a grandfather and his grandson ( born here ) came to congratulate me. Some of these melodies date back to Orpheus -Greek antiquity times, from the Rodopi Mountains in the Balkans, and your MusicGoals has given me the confidence and desire to learn about music and perform what I already know." - Zlatko T., [Canada]

"I find it to be inspired and truly useful far beyond any other music tutorial software application I have seen to date. No other application so effectively and painlessly integrates theory with the mechanics of music, and the multi-sensory approach truly reinforces this training. Before, I had found music theory sort of one-dimensional, but MusicGoals truly illuminates the proverbial “big picture”, where the rubber of theory meets the road of music. Thank you for helping me find the missing pieces of the puzzle that I had been so desperately trying to complete. It truly works!" - Scott A., seasoned clarinetist and chorister, fledgling pianist [North Carolina]

"Finally - a software that allows me to choose the notes I want to drill and generally customize anything the way I want it. Thank you so much. I know I'm going to be using MusicGoals a lot." - Sue W. [Piano teacher, Minnesota]

"Wonderful product! I love the choice to customize or use the pre-planned routines." - Karrah M. [Piano teacher and pro. musician, Virginia]

"This program is fantastic! It's really great! I will tell all my friends about it." - James C. [Chicago]

"...I downloaded the demo version and found it better than any other software I have downloaded from other sites... I have made good progress/ really good progress with MusicGoals. I did piano courses 1-10 and then decided to concentrate on specific areas such as reading key signatures, scales, and staff reading. I found the software a very effective way to learn key signatures. ... I think the software's great. Keep up the good work." - Sam J. [Germany]

"Great product. I am a beginning student and the drills are perfect for developing solid fundamentals." - Ralph B. [Texas]