Course Lists


From the menu bar on the Current Goals, Score, or Progress Report page click: Reports - Keyboard Course List.





This will bring up a list of the course requirements for the current Keyboard Courses routine. It will show either the Keyboard Courses routine, the Keyboard Ear Training routine, or Keyboard Staff reading routine depending on the current routine. To see another type of keyboard routine, use Main Menu - Set Routine to select a different routine.




Use this list for an overview of the material covered. Use Practice Settings - Set Practice Level from within each objective see MusicGoals Terms for a list of each level and the material included.






Use the same procedure to bring up the string instrument course list. This list will be for the string instrument selected when the student file was created. To see a course list for another string instrument, you must create or open a student file set to the desired string instrument.


see also: Set Practice Level