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Your "Current Goals" are set by the routine that you have selected. With a course routine such as the Keyboard Courses, the current goals page will show the remaining requirements of the course number that you are on. As required levels are mastered, they no longer appear on the current goals page.




This page gives the student's name and date and a list of objectives required to finish the current course. It shows the level required and the starting level. When a required level is completed, that objective see MusicGoals Terms is removed from the list.


When you complete a required level, MusicGoals advances to the next objective of your current goals. Use Main Menu - Next Goal or F6, to skip ahead in the cycle. As levels are mastered, you will eventually advance back to any levels skipped over.



Current Goals for Set Goals from List and Practice Routine


When using Set Goals from List routine or Practice Routine, you set your own goals. Instead of the Current Goals page above, you see the goal selection page when you select Main Menu - Current Goals.



Here you can check off objectives to include in your routine and choose a range of levels for each.



  1. Check the objectives to include on the left.

  2. Then click on the Level Name box directly to the right of each. A list of levels will open:




see also Routine or Set Goals and Range of Levels or

view the Setup Routine or the Setup Custom Routine walk-through demos.