Custom Drills

Custom drills can be set up to focus on any subset of the material. For example, if you need more practice with the intervals Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth, create a custom drill:


1) Select Main Menu - Pick a Drill or press F7:





2) Select Staff Name Intervals - just below Staff Diatonic having to do with the seven note scale Intervals.


3) Select the Custom button.


4) Select the By Ear button.


5) Click OK.


6) On the menu bar on top click: Practice Settings - Intervals or press F12.




7) Select P4 and P5 and un-select everything else. You may want to study these intervals ascending, descending,  harmonic an interval or chord where all notes sound simultaneously, or any combination.




8) Select Standard Buttons to give your answers.


9) Click OK. You now have a custom drill consisting of Perfect Fourths and Fifths by ear.


You may create custom drills with any of the objectives. Practice Settings allow you to adjust the key signature, range, drill length, and other elements. The elements included will depend on the objective see MusicGoals Terms selected. Custom drills do not automatically change or advance like Goal or Practice mode drills. Press F6 or use Main Menu - Next Goal when you ready to advance to another objective.