Save Custom Routine

Create a custom routine to match your own curriculum. Save a master file for each new assignment. Then have students open and save (save-as) their own copies. Use the Set Goals from List routine to use the existing objective An objective is one type of activity within MusicGoals. It is a graduated and sequenced group of drills that pertain to one element of music study. For example, the Keyboard Staff Reading by Eye and Ear is one objective. When all of the drill levels are mastered, the objective is mastered. levels or use the Practice routine to create a cycle of objectives made up of a mix of existing and custom drills.


Students will then:


  1. open the master file,

  2. save-as their own copy,  

  3. use Main Menu - Next Goal (F6) to follow the curriculum.

Students can then print their Scores page when they are done. A detailed list of mistakes will be listed with scores and average time for each drill.


To protect your master file you can set its properties to ”read only” in Windows.


Here is an example for a fictional class, Music 101:


1) Start MusicGoals and click New Student or Main Menu - File - New.


2) Enter ”Music 101 Lesson 1” for the student name.


3) Select the appropriate Instrument for your class.


4) If desired you can create a routine that includes keyboard and one string instrument.


5) Click Main Menu - Setup Routine and select the Practice Routine.


6) On the goal selection page uncheck all of the default check boxes.


7) Scroll down and check for example Staff Key Signatures.


8) The level name will appear on the far right. Click on this name ”C F G”


9) When the dialog box opens drag over levels 8 to 10.

10) Repeat these steps for other objectives to add them to your routine.


11) To add a custom drill, check the desired objective. Then click the "Go to" directly to the left.


12) Once in the desired objective use Practice Settings to create a custom drill.


13) Repeat to add additional objectives.

14) Save this file. Main Menu - File - Save (ctrl+s).

15) Use Main Menu - Next Goal (F6) repeatedly to cycle through your routine to make sure you have what you want.


You now have a master file for lesson 1. Make it impossible for students to overwrite this file by doing the following: Open the MusicGoals Students folder from the desktop MusicGoals folder or from the start menu. You may also reach this folder with Windows Explorer. Right click on your newly created master file, Music 101 Lesson 1, and select ”Properties” - then check ”Read Only”.


When a student opens this file and clicks Main Menu - Next Goal (F6), they will move to the drills that you have selected and created. With Custom mode drills, they must use Main Menu - Next Goal to advance.


They must rename and save-as their own copy of the master file. Then they can make changes to review or go beyond the assigned material.