Dot and Note Colors

MusicGoals displays colored dots on the instrument and colored notes on the staff to show the scale a group of pitches arranged from high to low covering one octave position of a note within a key. For example, before the drill begins in Instrument Staff Reading the Hint button shows the notes included in the drill.



The on-screen instrument displays colored dots that match the color of notes on the staff. The colors indicate the scale degrees and solfeggio a system of naming scale degrees with singable syllables, do re mi fa so la ti do syllables. “Do”, the first degree of the Major scale, is dark green. “So”, the 5th degree is orange. Each degree of the scale has its own color.


When you change the key signature, F10, the tonic moves to another key. The new tonic is then shown in dark green. These colors make it easy to see the position of chords and chord a group of three or more tones forming a harmony inversions within a key.


Like solfeggio, the dot colors are another way to show the function of a pitch or chord within a key signature.


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