Main Menu - (Escape key or F8)

Use the Main Menu to access any part of the program and perform file commands such as print, save, and exit. You can see your scores and progress, and access the control panel to change sound and instrument options.


 The Next Goal button (F6) will begin the cycle of activities or advance to the next objective see MusicGoals Terms in your routine. You may use this button to skip ahead in your routine. When objectives are mastered they are removed. Eventually you will cycle back to any skipped activities with drill levels not completed.


 The Go Back button (F5) will cycle back through the last objectives worked on. Unlike Next Goal which only advances to objectives included in your routine, the Go Back button will cycle back to activities that were worked on recently.


 The Current Goals button (F2) will display either the Current Goals page or the Set Goals from List page depending upon the routine selected. With the keyboard courses or the string courses routines, you will see a list of objectives needed to complete the current course.


Here are the first set of Goals for Guitar Course 1:




As objectives are mastered they are removed from the list.


With the Set Goals from List or the Practice Routine, you can select objectives and choose drill levels to include in your own custom routine.



  1. Check off the objectives to include on the left.

  2. Then click on the Level Name box directly to the right of each. A list of levels will open:



3.   Drag over to select the levels to include in your routine. With the Set Goals from List routine, you control how MusicGoals advances when a drill is mastered or when you press the Next Goal button on the Main Menu.


 The Scores page (F3) displays information about the objectives worked on and the results for each drill. This includes the percentage correct, the accuracy, and a description of the material worked on.


 The Progress chart (F4) displays everything that you have mastered. It shows where you have made the most progress. It can also be used to access any objective.



Progress Chart - To go directly to a drill:

  1. Select the objective name on the left.

  2. Then choose "by Eye and Ear", "by Ear", or "by Eye".


The objective requested will open. From any other point in the program, use Main Menu - Pick a Drill (F7) to go directly to any objective.



 Use the Control Panel (Ctrl+F8) to change sound and instrument options, to set the directory for student files, and to choose solfeggio options. You can also set all activities to the same tempo and turn Auto Help on or off.




 The File button (Shift+F8) opens another dialog box where you can open or save files, print scores and progress, or exit MusicGoals.




 Pick Routine (Shift+F7) lets you choose a pre-planned rhythm course or set up your own routine.



If you select a keyboard or string course, a box will open where you can choose a course level. An "X" will appear before each course once it is completed.




 Pick a Drill (F7) opens a dialog box that allows you to go to any objective.


  1. Select an objective (type of drill activity).

  2. Select a drill mode.

  3. Select "by Eye and Ear", "by Ear", or "by Eye".

  4. Press OK.



 (Esc) Closes the Main Menu dialog and returns without changes.


Open Help file.  (F1) Open this help file.


Look up scale chords by instrument - reference.  Chord Lookup (Alt + F1) Scale and Chord reference.


see also: Keyboard Shortcuts


Goal Modes    View the Setup Custom Routine walk-through demo.