Instrument and Tuning

To make use of the pre-defined courses and drill levels specific for guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass, create a new student file for each instrument. However, it is possible to switch to any string instrument or tunings in Custom mode no matter what the main instrument.


Click Practice Settings - Instrument and Tuning from within any string objective see MusicGoals Terms.






Here you can select any of the predefined instruments or tunings. You may also choose to create a custom instrument.


When "Change Midi Musical Instrument Device Interface - A system that allows electronic musical devices to communicate. Numbers describing pitch, volume, on or off, etc. can be sent between devices. Output to this Instrument Sound" is checked, a patch change will be sent to your output device. Send Midi Instrument Patch Changes in the Instrument Sounds dialog must also be checked - use Options – Control Panel - Instrument Sounds. A patch change for the selected instrument will be sent when you click OK. For example, if you select Violin, a patch change for the violin sound will be sent.


see also: Custom Instruments, Instrument Sounds