Keyboard Note Names

The goal is to know the note names and octaves of the keys and to develop a clear mental image of the keyboard.


Notes may be named with their Solfeggio a system of naming scale degrees with singable syllables, do re mi fa so la ti do syllables, letter names, or numbers depending on the drill and Scale Degree Name settings.


This activity can also be used to study chords and scales. Choose any scale, chord A group of three or more tones. Standard triads have a root, third, and fifth. Seventh chords have a root, third, fifth, and seventh above the root., or note set with “Practice Settings - Scale or Note Set”. Adjust the range with “Practice Settings - Portion of Keyboard ...” and then use the “Hint” button to display your selection.


Playing a note before the drill begins will reveal the note’s name.


see also: Octave Numbers, Scale and Chord Reference