Keyboard Scales

The goal is to know how to build and to play scales on the keyboard and to recognize them by ear. This goal includes, whole steps, half steps, tetrachords, pentachords, as well as a variety of scales and modes.


Before the activity begins, press the Hint button to display a scale a group of pitches arranged from high to low covering one octave on the keyboard. Play or click on another note to start the scale on another pitch. Repeat to cycle through the included scales.


Dot colors on the keyboard indicate scale degrees and solfeggio a system of naming scale degrees with singable syllables, do re mi fa so la ti do syllables.


After the drill has begun, if you do not know the scale, use the Hint button to reveal the notes of the given scale.


Use Practice Settings - Scales to add or change the scales included.


see also: Scales and Modes