Chord Lookup

Main Menu - Control Panel - Chord Lookup   (alt+F1)

MusicGoals offers a scale and chord reference. This can be used to create custom drills and to display scales and chords on keyboard or any string instrument. You may also experiment with alternate tunings on string instruments.


The Chord Lookup button in the Main Menu dialog box makes it easy to quickly find a particular scale or chord. It automatically goes through the sequence of choosing an objective, setting the range, setting the key signature, and selecting the material. Once you have set up a drill, use F12 or the Practice Settings menu to change the drill further.



Select an instrument, scales or chords, and the type of objective to use to reference the material. All of the objectives in MusicGoals can be used to experiment with the material. Use the "Hint" button, click on the instrument, staff, or buttons to reveal the scales or chords.


see also Scale and Chord Reference