Portion of Fingerboard

Set the size and portion of the fingerboard to include in drill.





Set the number of frets, the starting fret (position), the number of strings, the number of the string to display at the top, and the drill length. The on-screen fingerboard will adjust accordingly.


The on-screen fingerboard shows these settings with the two numbers in the upper left. The first is the position, that is, the first fret shown on the left. The second is the string number of the string displayed on top. For example, ”fret:0, string:3” would indicate open position with open string notes displayed to the left of the nut (an open string rests on the nut on one end and the bridge on the other). The third string would be displayed at the top. The 1st and 2nd strings would not be displayed.


After clicking OK, use the Up Arrow key to zoom in and show only the portion of the fingerboard included in the drill. Use the Down Arrow  to zoom out. The Hint button will show the material included on the staff and/or fingerboard.


see also: String Instrument Fingerboard