Printing and Saving

Progress, scores, and user settings are saved in the student file. The Progress Report, Scores, and Current Goals for the courses can be printed.


To print the Scores page use:  Main Menu - File - Print Scores (Shift+F8 - Print Scores).


To print the Progress Report: Main Menu - File - Print Progress.


To Print the Current Goals page use: Menu item - File - Print this Page from the Current Goals page. Objectives disappear from this page as the required levels are mastered.



The File - Save As dialog box allows saving of two file types: MusicGoals Student (.MGS), and MusicGoals Backup (.MGB). The File - Open dialog box also allows for these two file types. The default filename is the same as the name entered by the student when a New Student begins. The filename may be changed, but the student name that is entered at the start of a New Student cannot be altered.


To Save a student file:


Main Menu - File - Save (Ctrl+s), or Main Menu - File - Save As