Quick Start - What is MusicGoals Eye and Ear?


MusicGoals Eye and Ear is a practice tool for developing performance skills and fluency with music fundamentals. It combines reading, hearing, and playing notes, scales, intervals, chords and other elements of music. It provides a means to learn, practice, and master each element by eye, by ear, and on an instrument. A beginner might use MusicGoals to learn note names, while an advanced musician might use it to improve identifying harmonic progressions by ear.


Use this help file, the table of contents, index, and glossary to get the most from MusicGoals. Read the entire "Start Here" section to learn basic operation. Then go to the "Musicianship" section to start your own course of study. Be sure to use the tutorials and view the Walk Through Demos to see how to get started.


Program Operation

  1. Start MusicGoals Eye and Ear with the desktop icon or from the Windows Start Menu.

  2. The first time MusicGoals is run you will need to choose Midi and Sound options. You may get a warning such as:

    MusicGoals searches to see if you have an external MIDI keyboard. If not, use the computer keyboard and mouse.


  3. You will need to select and highlight a MIDI output sound device to hear the MusicGoals drills.

    This message is just a reminder that MIDI input is not selected or not available.


  4. Shown above is how MusicGoals starts once MIDI is set up. Select New Student.


  5. Enter your name and select your instrument.


  6. If you selected Piano, you can choose a second instrument for future study.


  7. Choose the keyboard or string instrument courses for a comprehensive routine. You can change routines at any time. MusicGoals keeps track of all progress completed in Goal mode.


  8. Choose a course. They are listed in order of difficulty. You may skip course levels or change routines at any time. MusicGoals will keep track of what you have completed and record all drill results.

  9. Next an information box will open (not shown) with details about the current activity. Press F1 for context sensitive help. Right-click on an item you want to know more about. A small popup window with information will open.


  10. The Main Menu can be accessed from the Menu bar or by pressing the escape key, F8, or by pressing the Menu button from within any drill. Use this box to navigate and to control the program.

  11. Press Next Goal to begin the course or routine that you have selected. MusicGoals will advance as levels are mastered.

Drill Basics    View the MIDI and Sound Setup  walk-through demo.