Staff Name Chords

The goal is to be able to identify chords and chord A group of three or more tones. Standard triads have a root, third, and fifth. Seventh chords have a root, third, fifth, and seventh above the root. inversions on the staff and by ear.



“M 2nd Inv” is the abbreviation used for a Major chord in second inversion.


Seventh chords show the chord quality followed by the chord inversion in figured bass. For example, “Dom 65” (Dominant, V65) would be a Major triad a three note chord consisting of a 3rd and 5th above a root: Major, minor, diminished, Augmented, see Chord Construction with a minor 7th in first inversion.


“m7b5 42” would be a half diminished chord in third inversion.


Before the activity begins, use the buttons to reveal chords. Click on the staff to set the lowest note of the chord or to stop the sound of a chord already playing.


see also: Chord Construction, Chord Inversions