String Chords

The goal is to know how to build and play chords on the fingerboard and to recognize them by ear.


Before the activity begins, press the Hint button to display a chord A group of three or more tones. Standard triads have a root, third, and fifth. Seventh chords have a root, third, fifth, and seventh above the root. on the keyboard. Play or click on another note to start the chord on another pitch. Repeat to cycle through the included chords.


After the drill has begun, if you do not know the chord, use the Hint button to reveal the notes.


You may click on the screen fingerboard or play your MIDI Musical Instrument Device Interface - Your MIDI keyboard and computer use the MIDI language to communicate. Numbers describe pitch, volume, on or off, and other characteristics of performance. instrument to give the answers.


Use Practice Settings - Chords to add or change the chords included.


Dot colors on the keyboard indicate scale degrees and solfeggio a system of naming scale degrees with singable syllables, do re mi fa so la ti do syllables.


see also: Dot and Note Colors, Chord Construction, Chord Inversions