String Objectives


This group includes objectives that display a string instrument or a string instrument and staff. For instruments that do not have frets, such as the violin, positions are shown with dotted lines in place of frets.


When a new student file is created, a string instrument is selected and permanently set for that file. To use curriculum for another string instrument, a new file must be created. However, other instruments can be selected for custom drills within one student file.


The range of notes shown on the fingerboard is the range for the drill. When the range is small, the staff may show a larger range.


Press the Hint button before the drill begins to see notes included in the drill.


Use the up arrow to zoom in and show only the portion of the fingerboard that will be included in the drill.



The on-screen fingerboard gives the fret number or starting position and the string number of the top string.


Use the down arrow to zoom out and see where on the fingerboard the drill range is.



Guitar 1st position.


see also: String Instrument Fingerboard