Calibrate Timing

Main Menu - Control Panel - Calibrate Timing

Depending on your computer and MIDI sound equipment, you may need to add some delay to account for the time it takes to generate sounds before you hear them. When using a software synth such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth for your MIDI output device, the computer requires a fraction of a second to create the sound before you hear it. By the time you hear it, it is already past the time that MusicGoals expects to get your response. Dedicated hardware MIDI devices, such as a sound card or external MIDI keyboard may not require this adjustment.

If you notice that your responses are consistently a fraction late, first look to see what devices are available on your computer with Main Menu - Control Panel - MIDI and Sound. If you have a hardware MIDI device listed under output devices, try it first. Otherwise check Enable Calibration here and then experiment with the slider at different positions to find the point where your scores are the most accurate. You can see this by looking at the beat bars below the rhythms in Play Along or Reading activities. The left side of the bars for the correct answer and your answer should line up.