Control Panel - ctrl + F8

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MIDI and Sound

Choose input and output devices, MIDI channels, and other sound options. see MIDI and Sound

Instrument Sounds

Choose instrument sounds for the drills and the drum beat or metronome. see Instrument Sounds

Volume Mixer

Adjust the balance between instruments and drum sounds. see Volume Mixer

Calibrate Timing

Adjust the timing between the beat bars and the drum beat sounds. This may improve your scores by accounting for any delay that may occur in your sound setup. see Calibrate Timing

Set Directory

Choose a default location for student files. see Set Directory

Required Accuracy for Practice Mode

Each Goal step has accuracy requirements for timing and duration. As steps progress, users must play with more and more precision. Practice mode can follow the accuracy requirements of Goal mode, or those chosen with Custom Settings. see Required Accuracy

Set All Tempos

You may set the tempo of all activities all at once. However, the first drill of some steps may reset the tempo to one appropriate for the included material.