In this activity you must listen to a rhythm and then select rhythmic symbols to create the correct musical notation. You will use the Rhythm Tool to do this.

When you click on the rhythmic values near the bottom of the screen, the symbols are added to the rhythm notation above. To add a tie to a note, click the Tie button first and then the note value that follows.

Use the Play button to listen to the rhythm. Depending on the step, there is a limit to the number of replays allowed. The play button eventually becomes inactive. Then you must make your best guess.

Dictation Tips:

Details of how you did appear in the Score Continue Box. Your answer and the correct answer will appear after the drill for comparison.

The top part shows the correct answer. The lower part shows your answer.

The Scores page adds these results to those of other drills you have completed. Drills completed successfully are recorded on the Progress page and are saved with your student file.

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