accellerando - a gradually increasing tempo, speeding up

adagio - slow tempo

allegro - quick and lively tempo

allegretto - a somewhat quick and lively tempo

andante - a walking tempo

a tempo - return to original tempo

bar - another word for measure

bar line - a vertical line that marks the end of a measure of music

binary - subdivision of note value by two, having two parts

common time - the 4/4 time signature, four quarter note beats per measure

cut time - the 2/2 time signature, two half note beats per measure

largo - a very slow tempo

lento - a slow tempo

measure - a segment of music indicated with bar lines that marks a portion of time determined by the time signature

meno mosso - less movement, slower

meter - another word for time signature

metronome - a device for establishing tempo, it produces a regular sound or click and the rate is adjustable

metronome mark - beats per minute that indicate an exact tempo

moderato - a moderate tempo

ostinato - a repeating pattern

presto - a quick or rapid tempo

rallentando - gradually slowing down

ritardando - gradually slowing down

rubato - free alterations of tempo used to convey musical expression

syncopation - accents occurring between beats or on normally weak portions of the measure

system - a written line of music containing one or more staves that are to be played together

tempo - the rate of pulse, speed of music

ternary - subdivision of note value by three, having three parts

triplet - a group of three divisions where two would normally go