Instrument Sounds - F10

Main Menu - Control Panel - Instrument Sounds, or Sounds - Instrument Sounds

Use this dialog box to select the instruments that will play the drills and metronome or drum beats. Also set the split point that will determine which notes will record as upper or lower parts.

Top and Bottom part instruments

You may want to experiment with different instrument sounds and the pitches. For example, it is sometimes more difficult to hear note durations with the piano sound. A long duration on piano may fade away too fast and make it difficult to hear the note ending. On the other hand a sustaining instrument could make it harder to hear repeating notes at a fast tempo. Rapid notes may blend together and sound as one long duration.

To choose an instrument sound for a part, first select the button for the part. Then choose an instrument sound from the list. Next select a note on the keyboard or enter a MIDI number for the pitch of this sound. You may also set the MIDI channel.

Please note: the top and bottom parts must be on different channels unless they will be using the same instrument.


The Metronome and drum part instruments are selected on the Percussion instrument list. Each percussion instrument uses its own MIDI note number. Thus, you will not set the pitch. MIDI channel 10 is standard for percussion with General MIDI devices.

The drum beat ride cymbal can be set to play quarters, eighths, triplet eighths, or sixteenths.

Split Point

The split point determines where you must play the top and bottom parts. Press the Split Point button and then select a note on the keyboard. This note will be the lowest note that will be counted as the top part. Lower notes, when played, will be counted as the bottom part.

Load and Save Patch

Once instruments have been selected, you may save your setup as a patch and later recall it quickly. The patches are numbered 0 to eight. Patch number 0 is the default patch that is loaded with new students files. To make your patch the default, check make default and click OK to close this dialog.

You may store several setups, patches, within your student file and quickly return one of them with the Load Patch button. Each patch also has its own set of Volume Mixer settings saved with it. Use the Volume Mixer to adjust the balance between instruments for each patch.


To hear what your patch will sound like, use the Test button. Please note, you must have a drill open that contains the parts you want to hear. When you click the test button, it starts playback of whatever drill was last opened.