MIDI and Sound Setup - ctrl + F10

You must select Midi and Sound Devices when you first install MusicGoals Rhythm.

Click Main Menu Control Panel - Midi and Sound to open the dialog box below.

The list boxes show the input and output devices that are available on your computer. Highlight one device from each box.

MIDI Input Device

You can play the drills on your computer keyboard or an external midi keyboard or other external midi device. If you have a midi input device installed on your computer, it will be listed in the left column. The selected input device is used by MusicGoals to record your playing.

If using an external midi keyboard, MusicGoals' input channel must match the keyboard's output channel. A common setting is channel 1. This is the MusicGoals default. If everything is connected properly and input is not being received, check to make sure that your keyboard is set to send and receive MIDI and make sure that the channels match. You may experiment by changing the MusicGoals input channel or your keyboard output channel. Consult your keyboard owner's manual to determine its midi output channel and/or output channel setting procedure.

If  "Computer Keyboard" is selected, when you click OK to close this dialog box another dialog box will open that will allow you to choose keys for rhythm input. This is the Select Keyboard Input Keys dialog box. You may also click the Menu Bar - Sound - Select Keyboard Input Keys to open it.

MIDI Output Device

This dialog box will list the devices currently installed on your computer. Midi output may be sent to an installed hardware sound card (something Synth), a software device such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable Sythn, or to an external keyboard or other midi device.  

The software sythn takes time to generate the sounds and will cause a delay between the sound and the beat bars that appear during drills. Use Main Menu - Control Panel - Calibrate Timing to adjust for this delay.

If your selected external keyboard is not receiving MIDI, make sure that your cables are connected properly and that your external keyboard is set to receive MIDI on the channel(s) MusicGoals is set to send on.

Enable Midi Thru

When you Enable Midi Thru, notes received as input are sent on to the selected output device. In most instances, leave this unchecked. If the input and output devices are the same, checking this can cause a feedback loop where the notes are replayed.

Play Sounds to indicate score

At the end of each drill a short marimba example plays indicating how well the drill was performed. This is useful for busy teachers who can hear how well a student is doing and determine if they need extra help.

Drum Input - ignore durations

Check this when Midi drums are used as an input device. Drums do not provide a means to hold durations so MusicGoals will not score durations when this item is checked.

MIDI Out Channels

It is helpful to set the top and bottom parts to different instruments. This may make it easier to hear the different parts. To do so, the parts must be set to different midi channels. To hear and determine the duration of long note values, choose instruments with a long or continuous sustain (wind instruments or organ).

The standard drum channel is 10. MusicGoals will normally play the metronome and drum beats on this channel. However, it may be changed if your setup requires it.

Default Settings

When you click OK to close this dialog the selections made become the default settings for the next new student.

Each student file may contain its own configuration of midi devices.

see also Sound and Midi Devices