Operation Basics

At the bottom of each activity screen are buttons and a slider that can be used to control the activities.

The first button on the bottom left indicates the drill mode. Clicking it will open the Main Menu dialog box.

The next button, Drill, opens a dialog box where you can see and change the drill. Settings available depend on the drill mode.

In Goal mode the Drill button shows progress and provides a means to choose another step or open the other progress boxes.


In Practice mode the drill button lets you skip to any step and drill or generate random drills based on the selected step.


In custom mode the Drill button opens the Custom Settings dialog box. Here you can set options for custom drills.


Use the count button to change the way beat counts are written above the rhythms.


Use the slider to adjust the tempo.


The swap button is used to swap the top and bottom parts or solo either part. This button cycles between the options shown.


Use this button in Practice or Custom modes to bring up another drill.


Use the Play button in Practice or Custom mode to listen to the drill before playing it.


Use this button to start and stop the drill.