Pick Routine  

Main Menu  or  shift + F7

Use the Pick Routine dialog box to select a course or choose the self directed routine. When you select a course button, a course number will appear on the right. Course numbers marked with an X are complete, those mark with an O are yet to be completed. Choose any incomplete course to skip ahead or return. The Course Lists provide information on course levels.

Expanded Courses add additional material to the Course Routine. There are more one and two measure drills for beginners and more time signatures and steps.

You may switch between routines as often as you like. To repeat drills already mastered, use Practice Mode.

The self directed routine removes the automatic advancement from one objective to another. Use Pick Activity to select another activity when you are ready to move on.

Choose a routine that will help you focus on your needs. If the material becomes too difficult or too easy make adjustments - use the tempo slider, practice mode, custom mode, or choose another routine.