Required Accuracy  - Ctrl + A

To master a drill, it must be performed within certain limits of accuracy. These are the initial point in time that the note is struck and the duration that the note is held.

The initial timing of each note must be within a particular note value. For example, a drill with quarter notes might require that notes played be within an eighth note of the metronome beat.

Another requirement is that of duration. For example, if durations must be within an eighth note, a half note must be held to within an eighth note of its full value. In other words, if the duration is not at least a full dotted quarter note, it would be counted as a mistake.

In Goal mode, the accuracy requirements are determined by the step level and cannot be altered.

In Practice mode the same drills can be performed with user specified requirements. Follow these two steps to set the requirements in practice mode:

  1. In the Control Panel set the Required Accuracy for Practice Mode to Custom Settings.

  2. Use Settings - Required Accuracy to specify your requirements.


These requirements can make the same drill much easier or much harder to complete.

Custom mode always follows the requirements set here.