Sound and Midi Devices

MusicGoals Rhythm uses two different sound devices to create and play the sounds that you hear. They are Midi sound and wave sound. Wave sounds are recorded sounds that are played back just like you would play a CD or MP3. The sounds produced are identical to those recorded into the wave file. MusicGoals uses wave sounds at the end of each drill to indicate how well you performed or to announce that a course has been completed.

Midi sounds begin as instructions to play notes on a midi instrument. Messages are sent to your external midi keyboard, or to the sound card on your computer that say, for example, play middle C at a volume of 85 on a scale of 0 to 127. The sound that you hear depends on the type of midi keyboard or the type of sound card that you have. When you play a note on your midi keyboard it sends a message to MusicGoals that says, for example, middle C at a volume of 92 has been played.

MusicGoals sends Midi messages to your selected sound device to play the drum beats or the metronome, and to play the rhythms for drills. MusicGoals can record your playing on an external midi keyboard or on your computer keyboard and compare your answers to the original rhythm. Midi provides the precise timing required to play the drills and to measure the timing of your responses.

see also Midi and Sound Setup, Select Keyboard Input Keys