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Singing Electron has been licensed for business in the state of Minnesota since 1987. In 2007 Singing Electron became Singing Electron LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation.

About MusicGoals

MusicGoals Eye and Ear, and MusicGoals Rhythm have been developed and tested with students ages five through adult. They have been in use and in constant development since 1998. They are now in use all over the world by individuals, private teaching studios, grade schools, high schools, and colleges.

The developer of MusicGoals, Dr. Gregory R. Giese, holds a Ph. D. and Masters degree in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Music Theory degree from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Dr. Giese is an active teacher and member of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA/MTNA). As a member of the theory development committee he has worked on music theory curriculum for the MMTA piano, guitar, flute, violin, and voice syllabus testing programs.

MusicGoals is the result of contributions and suggestions from users, teachers, students, and computer professionals. We are very grateful and indebted to your devotion to excellence. Thank you very much!

We are committed to your musical success and the success of your students.

We read and take very seriously all suggestions made for product improvement.