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MusicGoals Rhythm 2.1 MusicGoalsRhythm21.exe - 6-2-10

MusicGoals Eye and Ear 2.2 MusicGoalsEyeEar22.exe - 5-19-10

The first time you run MusicGoals you will be prompted to create a folder to keep student files in. You will also be asked to select a sound device from those listed on your computer.

If you are running Windows on a Mac, run Windows natively (boot Windows instead of running it in a window).

MusicGoals includes Help. Press F1 at any time to bring up context sensitive help. Right click on any button or feature to see a pop-up description.

What is MusicGoals Eye and Ear?

What is MusicGoals Rhythm?

Use Windows Control Panel - "Programs" in Windows 7, "Programs and Features" in Vista or XP "Add/Remove Programs" to remove.

Midi Sounds work best with an internal sound card or external MIDI keyboard. The "Microsoft GS wavetable synth" is always a little slower.

For Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP with sound, External MIDI optional.