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MusicGoals Eye and Ear Features

Keyboard Goals, Staff Goals, String Goals

Sixty-two activities cover note reading, scales, modes, intervals, chords, chord inversions, arpeggios, scale-tone triads, scale-tone seventh chords, Roman numeral analysis, key signatures, clefs, solfeggio, melody, compound intervals, open and closed chord voicings, figured bass, secondary dominants, augmented sixth chords and more.

Study piano keyboard, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass, String positions and alternate tunings, and other string instruments can also be studied.

Each student creates a file for their progress, scores, and personal settings. The number of students is not limited.

Pre-planned courses for piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass are included. When you start as a new student, you select an instrument and a routine. MusicGoals will progress through the drills based upon your chosen routine or, pick activities and levels and design your own routine.

Help is always available. Press F1 to open context sensitive help. Right-click an item for instant “What’s this?”. The help file has a section on music theory. There are answers to both program and music questions here on our website. In addition, we assist users by email, by our “Request Information From”.

"I LOVE MusicGoals...for my more advanced students it's just what the Dr. ordered...thanks for your efforts in supplying a great product." - Lori A. [Piano teacher, Utah] More Testimonials

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