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Music Lessons

The value of music lessons at any age cannot be overstated. From the time of the Greeks, music lessons have been regarded as essential to developing the mind and the valued citizen. Teachers know that music lessons bring up grades in all subjects. Research clearly shows that musical training develops the brain in ways that help in other areas. Rhythm practice improves concentration and is now being used to help those with Attention Deficit Disorder. The discipline learned by having a regular practice routine and the experience gained from performance are skills that translate to other areas and last a lifetime. Developing expressive gestures and communicating ideas and emotions with music develops the mind and personality. These things help us to communicate and understand one another.

Music lessons are one of the really great bargains for investing in a child’s future. Adding music theory software multiplies the value because it makes the most efficient use of time and energy. In a music lesson the teacher must cover music fundamentals, technique, ear training, music theory, and historical interpretation and style in addition to learning and playing music. Besides time available, there is a limit to the amount a student can understand within a music lesson. MusicGoals music theory software can help by providing ear training, sight-reading and music theory help outside of lesson time. This gives students the structured practice in skills needed to read music well and to be well prepared before lesson time.

The ability to read music and understand music theory is carried with us long after music lessons have ended. Playing music by itself does not guarantee the development of these skills. The more you can connect in your mind what you hear and what you see, with what you know and understand about music theory, the more accomplished musician you become. This is why MusicGoals music theory software improves the learning process. It demands concentration on very specific skills. It presents each element by eye, by ear, and on the instrument improving hearing, reading, knowing, and understanding music. This means that music can be learned or created with less preparation time. This leaves more music lesson time for technique, interpretation, and more music.

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MusicGoals music theory software works at the student's pace and gives immediate feedback. Whether taking piano music lessons, guitar music lessons, voice, or any other instrument, MusicGoals will speed up learning by helping students learn music theory by eye, by ear, and on their instrument. These skills reinforce one another and lead to outstanding musicianship.

In this drill the notes of the 5 finger C Major pentachords are drilled on keyboard and staff:

Music Lessons

With a little bit of practice with MusicGoals, you quickly master reading and playing these notes.

Here is a similar drill on guitar: